Iso – Pop hit covers in various languages


Kind of an odd request.

I’ve had this desire to build a list for some time but I’ve been busy. (2020 – outside of covid new house new baby new job)

While feeding my kid this morning I was watching The Umbrella Academy. There was a surprisingly great Swedish cover of Hello by Adele. That’s what I’m wanting to acquire.

A collection of hits that are easily recognizable but not in English.

For example.

My heart will go on – in Korean

Tswift songs – in Japanese

Any and all appreciated. R&B/soul music. Punk rock. Modern pop.

Anyone got some Vietnamese soul? Or Indian jazz? Did Nigeria go through the 80’s and have a Hair Band or The Cure tribute band? What about Brazilian disco?

Or… if you’ve got a band like Steve ‘N’ Seagulls – a Finnish country band that does bluegrass covers of metal songs.

Give em to me. Can’t get enough of that weird. Love it.

Thank you in advance.


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