Good cities for music scenes for college student?


I’m a very serious guitar player and singer in training about to apply to college. i wake up and play music till i go to bed as long as i have no work to do. Looking to go somewhere where i can start up a band and succeed playing live music, at least get a lot of experience, i get that its hard to make money that way. I play hard rock, psych rock, metal, and blues lots of older classic stuff. what are some cities that have good music scenes? please dont spank me with a ruler for saying this, but im looking for a college with an extremely minimal workload so i can focus on sex, drugs, and rock and roll. just want a degree as well, not in it for education. moneys not a problem. i like warm weather, california is where im from, but cant go to any state/uc schools cause of my transfer situation. cheers


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