Music Genre Related Question


So I myself listen to Hip-Hop/Rap almost exclusively. Now I have a few songs from other genres but I’m mostly clueless on artist of other genres and albums and such.

So what bugs me is when people say the following:

“Other genres exist, try something new”
“Rap isn’t the only genre”
“Expand your taste beyond rap”

Why am I not allowed to listen to just the genre of music that I want? Does only listening to one genre of music disqualify my music taste all together? and what do I do if I have tried other genres of music but I just don’t like them? I should be able to have a valid music taste even if I only listen to one genre. I have never said anything bad about other genres, just that I have tried them and didn’t like them.

If someone could give me a detailed explanation for their attitude toward me when I say that I only listen to one genre that would be great. I personally don’t think it should be considered a bad thing especially if you have tried other artist and genres.


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