I analyzed 20 years of online music reviews. Here are some of the results


Hey y’all,

I spent a few weeks scraping the web for music reviews and analyzing them. Here are some of the results I came up with. This first article in a series of 3 deals with nostalgia in music reviews (in particular Pitchfork) and attempts to answer the age-old question whether reviewers are biased towards older music due to nostalgia. (spoiler: I think they are and the data supports that thesis)


I will be sharing the whole dataset on kaggle in about two weeks so other people can also play around with it.

Q: Does this not just mean, that reviewers only focus on “good” old albums
A: That is definitely a very important factor. This phenomenon is called “survivorship bias”. However, if you look at the last two graphs in the article, they use a metric that should be independent of that bias.

I hope you guys like it! Any feedback is welcome


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