How do you join a band ?


So I’m a 15 year old Male. Been learning the guitar for a few months. Can play a couple riffs and some chords and I would say my singing is pretty decent .

I’ve never had lessons but whenever I’m home alone I love to sing along to my favourite songs and try to improve. I idolise people such as Liam Gallagher from oasis and Alex Turner from arctic monkeys for their great frontman skills and honestly my absolute dream future would be to perform as a frontman in a band. I feel as if I have the right attitude. I’d be willing to pour my soul into the role but I don’t know where I could join.

I have friends who are into music . One of which is already in a band I’m not sure if I should ask him if he’s in need of a frontman or not . I’ve also got another friend who I’ve asked if he wanted to start a band and he pretty much said maybe but that was a couple months ago. I’m basically just looking for advice on how to join / form a band. I know I’m young but I’d say 15 and 1/2 is a good age to start doing this kind of thing.


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