Greatness Coaching with Heidi M- Emotional Intelligence

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This week’s topic is Emotional Intelligence

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About Heidi M:

Heidi M is consciously competent, multi-skilled, creative, authentic, has a great love for people & was born to make sense of any situation.

With a B.A. Degree in Education and an Honours Degree in Drama, she spent decades studying human behaviour whilst preparing for and performing a myriad of different roles in TV, Film, Radio & Stage.

Gaining international accreditation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as international accreditation as Life Coach seemed like the logical next step… for Heidi anyway.

Heidi M is equally comfortable practising in English as she is Afrikaans.

Heidi M loves working with groups as much as she does individuals.

Heidi M developed Greatness Coaching for the sole purpose of facilitating positive and lasting change in people.

Greatness Coaching is result-driven.

Greatness Coaching is solution-focused.

Greatness Coaching facilitates positive and lasting change in people.

Greatness Coaching is about personal growth.

Greatness Coaching is about personal development.

Greatness Coaching is about discovering/unleashing/revealing the greatness (that is already) in you.

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