Getting to know 80s Drivetime host Paul Kazam

He’s the friendly and energetic voice on 80s Drivetime, available exclusively in South Africa on eRadio, weekdays from 4-7PM. We know he broke the studio chair while dancing to a ‘Fame’ song, has a really long beard that he’s growing for a charitable cause and loves the 80s – but we thought we’d get to know Paul Kazam even better!

How long have you been in the exciting yet challenging world of radio broadcasting? Although I had a break I was actually in the Guinness book of records as the youngest ever community radio presenter at 9 years old. This was many years ago in the early 80s so a very long time, Whoops nearly given my age away!

You’re very energetic. What do you have for breakfast? Haha I manage 3 shredded wheat every day

You seem like a very positive person. How do you stay Positive in these difficult times? I am naturally very positive although, like everyone, I can’t be all the time. I try. If I can bring some positivity into someone’s life during these difficult times then it makes me happy.

If you had to pick one 80s song that’s the absolute worst, what would it be? Actually that is quite a difficult one, the 80s was full of so-called comedy novelty records that in reality were terrible but I think if I had to name one it would probably be Star trekking by The Firm

You have a real talent of painting a great picture in the listener’s mind. Is Cherie really in the broom closet and does she like it there? Haha the broom cupboard is actually real and due to current restrictions we have placed a microphone in there for Cherie, she feels quite cozy in there

It sounds freezing there in the UK. It’s currently summer in South Africa. Are you jealous? Do I need to answer that question? Of course I’m jealous! I would love to broadcast from the beach every day.

Have you ever been to South Africa? If not, are you planning to visit someday? I have been to Kenya but not South Africa and yes I would love to visit one day. When the current restrictions are lifted I plan to do a road trip and broadcast from different stations so who knows…Watch this space!

When visiting South Africa, where would you like to visit first and why? It’s such a beautiful country but I think it would have to be Kruger National Park. I am animal-mad and would love to see the animals and beauty of such an amazing place

When you think of South Africa, what’s the first picture that pops up in you mind? Sun and the amazing people, it’s been a country on my list to visit at some point. The history behind South Africa… I would love to experience the different cultures across the various places

Favourite 80s TV show or movie? I have to answer two here, 2 very different movies: first one ET (needs no explanation and the first film my mum took me to see at the Cinema) and the 2nd has to be Scarface with Al Pacino

Favourite food – Steak and Chips or a good roast lamb or anything barbequed

Favourite current song (from 2020/ 2021) I’m not really into the current charts but I do like Anne Marie ‘its my Birthday’ but really current here in the UK has to be Olivio RodRigo – Fantastic song lyrics are brilliant

Favourite current TV show – I love Gogglebox

Do you have Netflix? Any recommendations? Ooh I love a good Netflix – I loved Money Heist. Really can’t wait for the final season!

Do you have children and if yes, do they know their 80s music? Yes and Yes My lad loves the 80s (he is 15) His favourite is Eurythmics – Sweet dreams

What profession is your wife in? She works for the NHS here in the UK.

Do you ever get tired after a radio show? No is the honest answer, not immediately, I’m high on adrenaline. Some shows are busier than others and I do feel that if its been really busy, the adrenaline wears off and then, yes. it hits me but more mentally than physically

You’re given a chance to watch a concert by any 80s artist who’s no longer alive. Who will be on stage? Whitney Houston

Do you still listen to CDs? I do still have CDs and yes, now and again I do put one on

How about cassettes? Unfortunately not. Although when I sorted out my Vinyl records, my lad was shocked at the size of the CDs!

Did you make mixtapes in the 80s? Ooh yes and trying to not record the DJs voice from the radio over the song

What do you do to relax? I love cooking and also fishing although haven’t managed much fishing recently

How do you feel about the future of online radio? Online radio is the way forward, so much more choice for the listener. There is a lot of very good presenters out there – although equally some very bad ones unfortunately.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when lockdown is lifted? I think it has to be a really nice meal and meet up with friends that I have really missed.

You must have a huge music collection? Yes it is quite a big collection that spans across all decades but especially the 80s

Weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you in studio (besides the chair incident) We occasionally get technical issues but, as you know, I’ve been challenged with Brave the Shave for Charity and my beard is growing. Well, recently It started moulting, and I didn’t realise a stray hair from the beard got caught in the microphone just where my top lip is, and every time I moved my top lip to speak it tickled…and I am very ticklish!

Complete the sentence: I think Cher is icon and talented actress and singer

What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Not in my top 10 to be honest, not really my genre

We’ve heard that you can sing… Is it true? I used to be a holiday park entertainer and used to sing in the shows and cabaret but now its only in the shower or car

Your favourite British comedian – Has to Be Sir Bob Monkhouse, a very talented comedian and very funny with a very quickwitted mind

Any message you’d like to send to your eRadio listeners? Thanks for listening. I really appreciate the support and please get in touch with me if you have any favourite 80s songs you would like to hear – but overall Stay Safe and, as we say on the show, don’t be a numpty and I love ya – Hug ya and Squeeze ya!

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