Jethro Tait shares intimate acoustic version and video for ‘Will You Stay’

Jethro Tait has already given fans the music video and lyric video for his first independent single release ‘Will You Stay’. With the single climbing the charts across several local radio stations, he shares the very special acoustic version of the single along with the release of the acoustic video.

The acoustic version gives a glimpse into how the song was written, as Jethro explains:

“99% of the time I always write my songs acoustically, so I always like to take them back to where they started. Although I wrote ‘Will You Stay’ on piano I really enjoy playing it on guitar, so I decided to put together this pure acoustic guitar version. The video has a similar setting to the visuals explored throughout the release. I’ve enjoyed playing with the minimalistic approach and exploring outdoor open spaces using the sky as the main visual element.”

‘Jethro Tait – Will You Stay (Acoustic Version)’ is out now across all digital platforms:

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