Jayde Panayiotou case to be featured on MNet Series

The highly publicised 2015 murder case of Eastern Cape school teacher Jayde Panayiotou will be featured on MNet’s Strangers You Know this Sunday.

Strangers You Know is a hard-hitting crime documentary mini-series which takes the viewer to the heart of a brutal incident that gripped the nation.

Panayiotou (29) was the victim of an orchestrated kidnapping and murder, arranged by her husband Christopher Panayiotou, who for the first time since his arrest, admitted in November last year to arranging her murder.

The motive, he said, was that he had been under “immense pressure” and “could not keep up” with everything happening in his life, namely “a wife, mistress and a demanding job”.

Panayiotou was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 2017.

See how it all unfolded this Sunday 16 January 2022 on MNet, DStv Channel 101 at 8PM.


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