Joss Austin kicks off 2022 with his incredible new single ‘Toxic’

Joss Austin, one of SA’s fastest rising musicians, kicks off 2022 with an incredible new single ‘Toxic’.

Newly signed to American Indie label, Riveting Music, the local star is easily making the best music in his career to date.

The single follows close on the heels of his 2021 Summer hit ‘What’s Your Name?’ and talking about the inspiration behind ‘Toxic’, Joss explains “Lack of accountability will have you drinking poison and calling it a cure – we can only see where we’re going once we’ve opened our eyes to see where we really are.”

Joss Austin brings authenticity to the forefront of everything he shares with the world. Joss likes to think of himself as the messenger not the message. Great feeling music is the focus of Joss’s Passion. His motive lyrically on a deeper level is to have the listener feel a little more understood after listening to his music.

Joss’s music journey began at the age of 14 when he gathered up the courage to sing and play his guitar to a group of classmates which later gave him the confidence to start recording songs and sharing his new found passion. Four years later the passing of his best friend is what kept Joss motivated in the difficult times pursuing music as it was one of his best friends last requests that Joss continues to follow his love for music no matter how difficult things got as he knew Joss loved nothing more than to perform.

Since then, Joss has worked independently and performed internationally for crowds of 40 000+ sharing his music, rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s biggest artists and working with Billboard number 1 producers. His music is played on all major South African radio stations and television stations such as MTV SA, Trace Urban and Channel O. With over 200k Instagram followers and 6.5 Million streams on Spotify, Joss has recently started growing a fanbase in Europe which has been rather exciting for the singer-songwriter.

Recently partnering with Riveting Music, Joss hopes to work towards breaking out of South Africa as a global artist inspiring the youth of SA and positively affecting the lives, in some way, of those who hear is music.

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