Lee Cole delivers a fresh upbeat single with the release of ‘No Fear, No Tears’

Following the success of a string of hit singles with ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’, ‘Pink Dragons’, ‘Honey, Let Me In’, ‘Emotional’ and most recently ‘Cold’, Lee has managed to create hit after hit with his music. With a swarm of chart toppers across radio, Lee returns with his latest single ‘No Fear, No Tears’.

“Creating ‘No Fear, No Tears’ was quite a journey for me because of its stylistic difference to the rest of my music,” explains Lee as he talks about the inspiration behind the single. “I’ve been meaning to write something vibey and upbeat for a while and this song just flowed with me from the beginning. I’m really obsessed with 80s kind of sounds and synths, so I really went to town to make sure those sounds are evident when you’re listening. This song is about finding the person you love most and just dancing with them through life’s difficulties and bonding together in the process. It’s almost a ‘reset’ on your connection with someone and a focus on everything bright that brought you together.”

Lee explains the direction behind the video concept, saying “When Kyle and I sat down to discuss the direction of the video for ‘No Fear, No Tears’, we decided to try something a little different. I’ve never done a full-scale dance in one of my videos before and never have I done it with so many people in a flash mob style. I really wanted to paint a picture of unity and fun coming together in the night, which is what the song felt like it needed. I wanted to highlight the idea of dancing through your pain and I think we achieved just that.”

Joburg fans are in for a treat as Lee Cole performs at the Copper Bar in Bryanston on Saturday 4 June! Tickets are on sale HERE.

‘Lee Cole – No Fear, No Tears’ is out now across all digital platforms.


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