Medical Monday with Dr Dylan Joseph: Helping Mom to see better

Monday 29 August 2022 Episode 30

Dr Dylan Joseph joins us for another interesting Medical Monday on eRadio. This week Dr Joseph shares a personal story of how he recently helped his own mother to see better.

I was part of a team that helped my mom see without specs, something she has not been able to do since she was 10 years old! – Dr Joseph

“It was not without trepidation, but what superseded this was the knowledge that, as a refractive surgeon, I had the ability to make a difference in her life. A difference that since the surgery, has been tangible. But it is not just about the surgery, not just about the brilliant trifocal lens technology that allows for spectacle independence, but it’s about the teamwork, all the pieces of the puzzle that make it happen behind the scenes”.

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