New Music Friday: Louise Carver shares ‘You’re Over Me’ single ahead of the release of her ‘Dark Secrets’ album

As the weeks draw closer to the release of her latest studio album, Louise Carver shares ‘You’re Over Me’ as the next single from her forthcoming ‘Dark Secrets’ album, which is due for release on October 14th through Gallo Record Company.

Louise Carver has a collection of incredible albums and singles crossing the span of her immense career. She adds to this catalogue of great music as she announces the release of her next studio album ‘Dark Secrets’ on Friday the 14th of October. She also makes the album available to pre-save.

Carver has eagerly been awaiting the release of her next album and to date has released the tracks ‘Take My Hand’, ‘Nothing Feels Good Without You’ and most recently ‘Summerdaze’ from ‘Dark Secrets’. “I am so excited for people to hear ‘Dark Secrets’ and take it into their own lives. After the tough times we have all been through, I would love this album to get us out of our leisure wear and into something a little more sexy!”

Carver shares ‘You’re Over Me’ as the last single to be released ahead of the new album. “This song is all about not wanting to let go of a relationship even though the other person is already with someone new. Vulnerable, open and honest, the lyrics push and pull between acceptance of the break up and the desire to get back together. The producer, Gregory Nottingham started his career in classical music, then moved into the pop genre. Still in his early twenties, his musical knowledge is astounding. Being a pianist myself, I chose to work with Greg on this song because of his unique, sophisticated approach to making pop music,” explains Carver.

‘Dark Secrets’ as an album explores themes of sensuality, fantasy, desire and of course much needed fun, as experienced in the happy single, ‘Take My Hand’. Carver worked with the incredible Audio Militia production house in Joburg, who introduced her to different producers from different musical genres. “I had a strong vision for ‘Dark Secrets’ and everyone who I chose to work with, understood the more dreamy, sophisticated pop approach I was after,” explains Carver. Fans are in for an extraordinary treat when the album drops on October 14th.


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