The World’s dirtiest man has died

Amou Haji, the man who refused to take a bath for just over 60 years, has died just months after taking his first bath. Haji, permanently covered in soot, has been dubbed the World’s Dirtiest Man on many occasions.

The Iranian, a hermit who lived off roadkill and smoked animal excrement, reportedly had an irrational fear that he would die if he washed himself.

Mr. Haji previously said he chose this way of life in his youth and since then he  became a bit isolated. His clothing was a collection of dirty rags and, when he needed a haircut, he simply burned his hair with a burning stick.

At night he either slept in a hole in the ground, which looks very much like a grave, or in an open brick shack which some concerned neighbors built for him.

Haji drank water from a rusty oil can and his favorite meal was rotten porcupine.

Recently, a few months after his first bath in more than half a century, Haji fell ill and passed away. He was 94.

Haji often appeared in memes:


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