Such fun! A 21-ton piece of a Chinese rocket is plummeting to earth this weekend

It’s no surprise really. China (for the fourth time!) sent another rocket up in space and we thought you should know that a piece of it is coming back down – to Earth. China launched its Long March 5B rocket on Halloween to deliver the final modular for its new space station.

A piece of this rocket, referred to as ‘The booster’, is on its way down right now while you’re reading this and is set to make uncontrolled re-entry on Saturday (5 November 2022). Its size is estimated to be that of a 10-storey building and its weight, 21-ton.

In July this year a Booster also plummeted back to earth and debris ended up landing in South Asia. Luckily, no injuries were reported but people discovered the pieces in their backyards. Just before that, in May, another rocket’s debris came back down but fortunately ended up in the Indian Ocean.

Space debris experts told that there is still too much uncertainty in the data and models to make a prediction of where exactly it will land.

The Aerospace Corporation is tracking the rocket. Estimates will improve as the rocket body gets closer to re-entry. We can only hope it’s heading for the ocean!




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