SA’s unemployment rate drops

South Africa’s unemployment rate has recorded another consecutive decline for the third quarter of this year, reports EWN

The rate has dropped by a percentage point from 33.9% in the second quarter to 32.9% in the third.

That means the number of unemployed South Africans has dropped by 269,000.

In the second quarter of this year 12.3 million people in South Africa were without jobs. This number included discouraged job seekers.

The number of jobless South Africans has now dropped to 11.2 million with 3.5 million comprising discouraged work seekers.

The recent data also shows that 204,000 jobs were gained between the second and third quarters.

Manufacturing, trade, construction and transport recorded the largest gains while job losses were seen in finance, private households, mining and agriculture.

Source: EWN/ Stats SA


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