Online safety tips for job seekers

Guidelines to safely search for work, by being extra vigilant, you can sure protect yourself and secure your dream job.

-Do research on the company before applying for a vacancy, look for verifiable company email addresses. Larger, more established companies have email addresses that match their websites. Watch closely for email addresses with misspelled or “spoofed” company names. These are often similar to, but not exactly matching the actual company name.

– Be weary of unusual pre-mature requests for your personal information or money. Never send any form of payment to a potential employer you apply to.

– Be wary of job offers that come with little or no interview process. Scammers will often avoid face-to-face interviews by relying on chat services, Skype calls or Google hangouts while offering “work from home” positions.

– Never accept a lift from the person interviewing you. Do not go to any address without speaking to the employer first. A legitimate employer or recruiter will call you for an interview first after you have been shortlisted. Reputable companies will only interview you at their offices, a registered employment agency, or via an online call.

-Be especially cautious about companies that offer you a position that you’ve never applied for, or before they’ve even met you – if it’s too good to be true, it likely is.


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