Tourism Minister to give update on tourism safety measures

Tuesday 29 August 2023:

Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille and representatives of the private sector will this afternoon give an update on tourism safety measures.

This as the Minister will convene the second National Tourism Safety Forum which includes all Tourism MECs, the South African Police, the National Prosecuting Authority, the Departments of Tourism and Transport, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa and the South African Tourism Services Association.

It will also include the Airports Company South Africa, Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA), the South African Township and Village Tourism Organisation (SATOVITO) and other tourism sector bodies.

The previous National Tourism Safety Forum meeting held in May saw all representatives agreeing on clear actions to address tourism safety.

Earlier this year, Minister de Lille said safety is one of the major issues affecting growth in the tourism sector.

“Tourism is not only an economic activity but an essential vehicle that promotes a mutual understanding between a tourist and host community. Tourism is recognised for its immense potential and its significant contribution to the economy.

“Safety is one of the major issues affecting the tourism sector and as partners, government and the private sector agreed tourism safety is a priority that we need to address collectively so that we can grow the sector and remove any obstacles standing in the way of that objective,” Minister de Lille said at the time.


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