Police must ‘hit hard’ against criminality during festive season

Sunday 15 October 2023

Police Minister General Bheki Cele has called on law enforcement to step up their efforts to squeeze out criminality during this festive season.

The Minister was speaking the launch on Friday of the National Safer Festive Season operations.

“South Africans and all our visitors have a right to enjoy life, have a right to enjoy the festive season. Make sure that these South Africans, wherever they are, whether they are in the malls, whether they are in their houses, whether they are on the beaches, whether they are out dancing…wherever they are, make sure that they are safe.

“Give criminals a run for their money. Make sure that criminals are squeezed,” he said.

Cele gave criminals a stern warning that police will “hit hard”.

“There are criminals who want to co-govern with the people that are elected. You are not going to move around breaking into people’s houses, robbing people, raping people, going for cash heists, bank robberies and you believe…that we won’t do anything.

“I’m calling on those police officers who are given the responsibility to deal with those heartless criminals – that think they run the world and the country – don’t be kind to them. Hit and hit hard. Criminals have declared war against communities and society. I’m making a call to those police…to protect the communities,” he said.

Cele called on communities to work with the police to root out criminality.

“Don’t hide those criminals among yourselves because they will hurt you. As you protect that criminal, tomorrow he’s coming back for you,” he said.

The Minister also called on the police to do their job within the bounds of the law.

The festive season operations have already scored a victory after Western Cape police seized R75 million worth of counterfeit goods and R200 000 in cash at a shopping centre in Cape Town.

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