Adopt and name a penguin this Christmas

Every year we challenge ourselves, to find the perfect gift! Something meaningful and quite unique for the ones we love, to keep. This year, look no further for your loved ones – or even yourself – because you can adopt and name an African penguin and get a newly launched festive-theme certificate.

When you adopt a penguin, you will be playing a ‘literal’ lifesaving role. Your contribution will help the Southern African Foundation For The Conservation Of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) provide sufficient food, veterinary care and rehabilitation for their patients.

There are plenty of penguin personalities to choose from, which ensures that the selection process promises to be just as rewarding as the reaction of your loved one, upon receipt of this incredible gift! The process of a symbolic adoption is an easy one.

Simply visit the online penguin gallery of birds in care, and name your penguin. Once your contribution is complete, a beautiful, personalised gift certificate is delivered straight to your inbox! Your donation helps cover the cost of fish, medication, water and other essentials your bird needs to grow strong enough for release back into the wild.

“Please note that you are not permitted to visit your penguins during rehabilitation, nor will you be able to track their movements after release but if you reconnect with us some time then we can let you know the release date of ‘your’ penguin. You will play a vital role in saving the African penguin … and give your adopted bird the chance to live a natural life in the wild, where the bird belongs. Adoptions are valid for one year from the date of issue and adopters are welcome to get in touch to donate and adopt a new bird,” says SANCCOB.

Payment may be made from anywhere in the world via PayFast and PayPal. If you have an international credit card endorsed by Mastercard or VISA, you may donate via PayFast too.

“By adopting this festive season, you enable our intervention to make the recovery and release journey of this incredible species possible”.

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