R300 Million to rebuild iconic Shelley Point Hotel

9 January 2024 | eRadio News

Management of the iconic Shelley Point Hotel estimates that it could cost up to R300 Million to rebuild the hotel that went up in flames at the start of 2024.

The popular thatch roof hotel in St Helena Bay boasted 88 luxury bedrooms, a private cinema, various bars, two restaurants, wine cellar, spa and solar heated pool.

On Tuesday 2 January 2024 more than 200 guests were evacuated in 11 minutes after a fire broke out in one of the hotel’s kitchens. It took a team of firefighters and 2 helicopters (doing 250 drops) just under 12 hours to bring the raging inferno under control.

“It was the most horrendous thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Carel Steenkamp, CEO of the Lone Bull Group who owns the hotel that has been on the market since May last year.

“The damage is extensive. There were a lot of pots and statues, very interesting and expensive furniture that’s all burned out”.

Steenkamp said they’re waiting for forensic reports from the insurance company and only after that is completed, they will be able to confirm whether or not they will rebuild. 150 hotel staff are now jobless – but there is some good news – Hotel groups in neighbouring towns have reached out to some of the staff to offer them jobs.

The greatest thing is that there was no loss of human life or injuries and we are very grateful for that”.

Mayor Andre Truter applauded the fire crews and pilots for fighting the blaze for more than 12 hours and saving the adjacent properties.

He also thanked the community for reaching out.

“Weskus people have big hearts. Residents took hotel guests in and helped them look for alternative accommodation so that they could still enjoy their holiday”.

Those who have booked rooms or spa visits for future dates may contact Surina at [email protected]

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