Major internet outage hits South Africa

15 March 2024 | SANews

South Africa, like many countries, relies heavily on the internet for communication, commerce, education, and entertainment.  However, recent events have underscored the vulnerability of this digital infrastructure.

This week, South Africa experienced a significant internet outage as a result of damage to undersea cables. This disrupted services nationwide, leaving millions of users disconnected and businesses facing substantial losses.

Reports flooded in from major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, indicating a widespread disruption of internet services. Users encountered difficulties accessing websites, sending emails, or utilizing online applications. The situation worsened on Friday morning when further damage to the cables was reported. The outage was so severe that a well-known Eastern Cape radio station was off air for most of the day. Social media platforms buzzed with frustration as individuals shared their experiences and sought answers.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have released statements, reassuring clients that back-up plans are in place and that international traffic was redirected. Openserve confirmed cable failures on the WACS and SAT-3 undersea cables.

South Africa heavily relies on undersea cables for its international internet connectivity. Damage to these cables, caused by natural disasters or human activities like ship anchors, can severely impact internet access. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, disrupting communication links to and from the country.

Assessments of the various undersea cable breaks are yet to be completed by the international consortiums who own these cables – the cables are either 3000m under water or are in a conflict zone. Until then, brace yourself for increased latency and buffering when streaming.

We’re happy to report that eRadio is not affected by this thanks to the various backup options and CDN networks we have in place.


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