Hiking? Don’t get caught in the dark by early winter sunsets

15 May 2024 | SANews

Dedicated teams of professionals and volunteers from Wilderness Search And Rescue WSAR Western Cape (WSAR) responded to Theressa Avenue above Camps Bay on Sunday night, after a visiting group of hikers from Pretoria called for help.

According to the group, aged between 41 and 57, they had caught the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway cable car to the top of Table Mountain earlier in the day and had intended hiking down the mountain. A passing hiker had provided vague advice which lead them across to mountain towards Camps Bay.

Unable to safely continue after sunset, the called the emergency contact number – 021 937 0300.

A small team of rescuers made their way up Kasteelpoort to find the group. The team provided the group with warm clothing, food and water, and head torches.

Once they had warmed up sufficiently, the team slowly guided the group back to a waiting vehicle.

One of the hikers was exhausted and team members took turns carrying her down the trail.

The incident was concluded at 22h40.

According to David Nel, a spokesperson for Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR): “Our rescue teams responded to a similar call in Skeleton Gorge on Saturday evening after two visiting Russian hikers were left stranding after dark.

“Rescuers drove up the back table from Constantia Neck and hiked down to locate the two ladies. They were guided back up the trail to the vehicles and driven down to Constantia Neck.

“We urge all outdoor enthusiasts take note of the earlier winter sunset times and plan accordingly.

Remember to pack a torch and an extra warm layer of clothing.

“Most importantly, don’t wait, please Call Us Sooner – 021 937 0300”, said Nel.

Source: Arrive Alive


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