MP, MPLs lists handed over to Parliament Secretary

6 June 2024 | SANews

Secretary of Parliament, Xolile George, has now officially received the list of elected representatives who will make up the National Assembly for South Africa’s seventh Parliament.

George received the list from Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in a handover ceremony held at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg on Thursday.

Earlier in the ceremony, Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) chairperson Mosotho Moepya handed over that list and another list of those expected to serve in the Provincial Legislatures to the Chief Justice.

“As South Africans, we have again demonstrated to the world, that despite the numerous global and domestic challenges that we face, we are steadfast in maintaining the integrity of our Constitution and our commitment to our growing democracy through, again, conducting peaceful and efficient elections.

“This is a track record that all South Africans should be proud of. South Africa’s young democracy shines as a beacon of hope, not just for our nation, but for all those who believe in the power of the people to shape their own destiny through free and fair elections.

“This is indeed a historic moment in the maturity of our democracy, where political parties are compelled to work together to establish a government and a Parliament that represents the will and aspirations of the people,” George said.

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said the handover of the lists from the IEC to the Chief Justice and in turn to the Secretary of Parliament “marks an important milestone in our Constitutional democracy”.

“Now that the list is here, one knows who will be members of Parliament who will convene on the first day of the sitting. The announcement of the date for the first sitting of Parliament will be the next step. That…will be announced by the Chief Justice and I think it’s going to happen pretty soon.

“The judiciary will play its role to make sure that our Constitutional democracy runs as smoothly as it should,” Zondo said.

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