DA suspends MP Renaldo Gouws after racist video resurfaces

20 June 2024 | SANews

The DA has suspended its MP, Renaldo Gouws (41), after an old video resurfaced online in which he uses racial slurs, including the k-word and n-word.

The party today confirmed that Gouws has been suspended after only one week as MP.

“The DA has established that the video, in which Renaldo Gouws uses execrable language, is in fact genuine and not a fake as initially suspected. The DA federal executive has therefore suspended Mr Gouws with immediate effect while he faces disciplinary charges before the party’s federal legal commission,” the party said in a statement

Gouws took to X to share his side of the story.

A snippet of a video that I posted 16 years ago (back in 2009) when I was young and still a student has been recycled and posted on social media over the last few days.

I addressed this snippet in 2016 and again in 2020 when approached by the media when it was posted on social media. (Articles on this can be Googled). This was at the time when then President Zuma and then Youth Leader, Malema were singing songs about killing people based on their race.

Before this and before these snippets were used publicly against me, I posted a lengthy Facebook post from 2013 in which I apologized for how I delivered my message in my videos (angry, hostile, confrontational and crass).

I refute any claims of racism or being a racist. I can however see how my message was distorted in the way it was delivered by me and I take full responsibility for the actions of my younger and immature self.

For that, I apologise unreservedly.

The DA is currently conducting an internal investigation.

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