IEC confirms attempted unauthorised entry at its Gauteng warehouse

20 June 2024 | SANews

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has confirmed an incident of attempted unauthorised entry at its Gauteng provincial warehouse by unknown persons on Tuesday night.

The Electoral Commission expands its footprint of storage sites ahead of each election to ensure the storage of electoral supplies as close as possible to points of use.

Following the conclusion of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections, material is rolled back for storage and safekeeping at a centralised facility.

During the roll back of material from a local storage site in the inner city in the City of Johannesburg, a group of persons interfered with the handling of materials and subsequently followed the truck used to transport the material back to the provincial warehouse.

On arrival at the warehouse, the group attempted to forcefully gain unauthorised entry to the warehouse.

“The commission can confirm that nothing was taken from the warehouse,” the Commission said in a statement.

The Electoral Commission thanked the South African Police Service for their swift response, which ensured the safety of the staff of the Commission and the integrity of the stored materials.

A case has been registered and the South African Police Services are investigating.

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