About us

eRadio SA is a 100% digital radio station broadcasting 24/7 from the Garden Route in South Africa, reaching audiences in all provinces and across the globe. Our content is driven by music and informative updates at the top of the hour, with a mandate to inform, help, inspire, educate and entertain our listeners

Our Story

Eon Engelbrecht has been a professional radio broadcaster since 2011, although he already started playing ‘radio radio’ at the age of 11. Now 23 years later, he spearheads eRadio SA, his brainchild since 2020. Eon is an entrepreneur, voice-over artist, experienced newspaper editor and also graphic designer.

After sharing his idea for eRadio with his enthusiastic brother Chris, the two started working throughout the night for months to follow to get eRadio on air and online and on the 1st of September 2020 the station saw the light, a ray of light in the midst of a global pandemic. Eon is responsible for the daily running of the station and all content, while Chris acts as Web Developer and also manages the financial side.

eRadio SA is a privately-owned digital radio station, available 24/7, and easily accessible on the official website eradiosa.com and also various streaming platforms.

eRadio’s business model is the same as any other terrestrial or internet station by deriving its income solely from advertising and sponsorship.

Our Goals

*Making a positive difference in people’s lives
*Providing the listener with an easy-to-listen-to alternative
*To inspire
*To be a reliable source for news and important discussions
*Playing a well-balanced mix of REAL and MORE music from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and the latest hits
*To be a competitive pioneer and strong force in the rapidly growing internet radio industry
*Giving people a platform to share their stories
*To be a trusted friend and lifeline

Our Programming

eRadio keeps our listeners informed with the latest local, national and international news. Reports are to-the-point and without the gore. Newscasts and National Weather Updates are aired weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

We collaborate and produce content with professionals on a weekly basis to inform, educate and entertain our listeners. These programs all have dedicated weekly slots on our station and are released as podcasts after being aired.

All podcasts are distributed by us to all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and more. These can be used by our clients for professional and personal use.

The Engelbrecht Brothers (Chris & Eon) attending the Garden Route International Film Festival with eRadio as Media Partner.

Contact us:

Suggestions / Enquiries: [email protected]

Advertising: [email protected]

Song Requests / Dedications: [email protected]

New Artists / Music Submissions: [email protected]

eRadio WhatsApp Line: https://wa.me/+27612530670


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