If you are not considering shifting from the traditional media channels such as print, radio, and TV to more effective online advertising opportunities, you are losing out. With the advancement of the internet and development of tech devices, Live streaming is today a way of life for most people around the world.

Here are some reasons why you should consider online radio advertising:

Consumers worldwide are embracing internet radio on an increasing range of devices. Listening to the radio station of your choice is nowadays not limited to the area where you live and not to the radio in your car or sitting in the lounge. Listeners have access to their favorite music 24/7. More people, therefore, get to listen to online radio. This is a brilliant opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers listening on tablets, smartphone, and laptops from all over the globe -anytime. eRadio’s mobile app makes it even easier and more accessible to listen.

Wide Variety and Choice
There is a growing shift towards online listening since it offers greater freedom in terms of choice and variety. It has no limitation of geographical distance or boundaries from antennae, and almost anything is within your reach.

Longer Listening
While the average FM listener spends a limited amount of time listening to traditional radio during the peak times, the trend today is to enjoy streaming the online radio station of your choice while chatting, working out, driving or on your laptop.

Research shows that online listeners are more likely to act on your advert’s call to action. If they are online checking their social media or browsing the internet and they hear the radio advert, they are poised perfectly to take action right away and buy your products online.

Cost-effective but effective 
Surprisingly, advertising on online radio costs significantly less than advertising on the traditional radio stations.

The shift to streaming offers benefits for anybody who wants cost-effective advertising that reaches a much wider audience.  (Chris Johns DHDJ Miami)

Target Audience

eRadio SA’s audience is anyone with a love for music, technology and intelligent conversation ANYWHERE in the world.

The main target audience:

*Aged 25+ to 55

*LSM 8 – 10

*Male and Female

*South-African – but also an international appeal

*English & Afrikaans-speaking

*Access to internet (ADSL/Fibre/ 3G / 4G / WiFi)

*Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC or Smart TV users

*Users of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,WhatsApp )

*Music Lovers

*Interest in positive feel-good stories, what’s trending, the latest technology, TV shows, Interviews with well-known personalities and more.


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