Entertainment Radio South Africa (eRadio SA) is the brainchild of South African radio presenter, Eon Engelbrecht.

Overwhelmed by all the bad news and bad music featured in the mainstream media, especially during the global pandemic, Eon decided to use his 10 year experience in professional radio broadcasting and production to set up a positive online radio station.

eRadio is a digital radio station that you can take anywhere. It’s your friend, it plays your music and it focuses on the bright side of life.  The station’s content is music-driven and will feature contributors from all over South Africa and the world. It will also introduce listeners to new artists.

The station’s content will offer escapism through not only the best in music from the 80’s, 90’s and today, but also to-the-point interviews with interesting people, positive content and playing uplifting music that will change the world one song at a time.

eRadio will shy away from hard news unless it is absolutely crucial and in public interest. We don’t do politics.

eRadio is a licenced, privately-owned online radio station, available 24/7, and easily accessible on the official website eradiosa.com and also various streaming platforms, including our custom-made App available on the Google Playstore. The station will integrate social media into its content, both on air, on the app as well as its modern website, designed and marketed by the talented Webdeveloper and SEO specialist, Chris Engelbrecht.

‘e’ is for: entertainment, education, escape, expression, environmental, entrepreneurial, everywhere, efficient, economical, excitement, enthusiastic, enrichment, empathy, eventful, eclectic, exclusive, enchanting, emotion, exhilarating, extravagant… and Eon.

The station broadcasts from one of the world’s most prestigious destinations – The Garden Route in South Africa.

eRadio’s business model is the same as any other terrestrial or internet station by deriving its income solely from advertising and sponsorship.

The goals of eRadio include:

*Making a positive difference in people’s lives

*Providing the listener with an easy-to-listen-to alternative

*Entertaining its audience with the best music and content

*Educating its audience – there’s always something new to learn

*To inform

*To inspire

*Introducing its audience to new talent that do not get airplay on mainstream radio

*Playing REAL music and MORE music with a well-balanced mix of old and new

*To be a competitive pioneer and strong force in the rapidly growing internet radio industry, particularly in South Africa

*Giving people a platform to share their stories

*To be a trusted friend and lifeline to those who need to escape negativity, especially those battling with anxiety and depression in these challenging times.



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